New, highly listenable interpretations of the great jazz standards from artists active in Tokyo, Japan

Have you ever noticed that some singers, after a distinguished career, will indulge themselves by releasing an album of jazz standards. Linda Ronstadt did it. So did Rod Stewart and Sting and Willie Nelson. Oh, Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga too. Yeah, it’s kind of a thing.

We like that today’s jazz performers and listeners alike want to add to the library of interpretations of the old jazz standards. After all, in the classical music world, people are continuing to produce new recordings of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.

In that vein, we too have something to offer the jazz world. A fresh take on jazz standards, with swinging arrangements and an electronic sound. Relax–there’s nothing too avant-garde or noisy.

If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, and dropped in on its lively jazz scene, you’ll know that there is an enormous amount of talent. Most of these performers take a trad jazz approach, taking you back to the ’40s and ’50s. Jazz musicians and singers active in Tokyo are the focus of the Purest Jazz label.

We are a forward-looking record label, curating the jazz performers whom we believe offer something special or unique. To suit our listeners, we don’t sign artists whose musical style is too progressive or experimental.

We work with both local and expatriate artists in the Japanese jazz scene (think cozy little bars and cafes across Tokyo).  We mostly offer new, contemporary arrangements, often using electronic instruments, and all of this is tastefully blended to yield fresh readings of the old standards.

Purest Jazz Records is proud to present European and North American listeners with fine recordings that offer surprising, and dare we say, beautiful performances of the Great American Songbook.


Starry Eyed And Vaguely Discontented

Rufus Lin

Album (Released OCT16, 2020)
Artist: Rufus Lin
Composers: Richard Rodgers, Antonio, Carlos Jobim, Victor Young, Scott Joplin, Cole Porter, Billie Holiday, Vernon Duke, Joseph Kosma, Charlie Chaplin, Jimmy Van Heusen, Jule Styne, Bart Howard, Sammy Fain, Frank Perkins
Label: Purest Jazz Records (Rufus Lin Productions)

All rights reserved, ©2020 Rufus Lin Productions


This recording is Canadian jazz artist Rufus Lin’s latest solo jazz piano album, a fresh interpretation of great standards from the 1930s and 1940s.
With 16 gently swinging extemporizations of mostly love songs of the day, and the relaxed, unassuming setting, this music will appeal simultaneously to those who appreciate the mental stimulation of complex musicality, and those who just want soothing background music not requiring too much hard work intellectually. Piano jjazz is uniquely positioned to satisfy both camps.

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